No Strings Attached

We were cracking up the whole movie... so good and so funny!
Ashton and Natalie were too hot to handle!
You must see this movie!
Can't say enough good things about this romantic comedy!
Amazing cast!

Rachel & Amanda
The Twin Spin

Book Signings!

Book signings are an easy way to meet your favorite celebs, guaranteed!
We suggest getting to the store a few hours early, to make sure your book gets signed!
The easiest way to find signing are on the internet!
Look at your favorite star's website or look for events on bookstore's sites!

Also, smaller book stores have signings! So check your local bookstores too!
Rachel & Amanda
The Twin Spin



We did! Some of the dates are on sale now so be sure to check it out asap!
We weren't able to get tickets on Ticketmaster, but there are plenty on Stubhub.
We love Katy Perry's fun and upbeat music and her crazy style.

Rachel & Amanda
The Twin Spin


The Vampire Diaries!

It's back! And so far...SO GOOD!
We love Damon, but Stephen and Elena are the perfect couple! HOT HOT HOT :)
Can't wait to see what else happens!!!

P.s.- We've met Caroline and Jeremy in LA. So nice!

Rachel & Amanda
The Twin Spin


Is this what we think it is? One of our favorite celebrity couples back together?
The couple has recently been spotted in Wilmington where Vanessa is shooting a new movie.
What do you think about their steamy get together?

Rachel & Amanda
The Twin Spin

Stuck in the snow?

Here are our favorite snowy day (or night!) activities!

Reading List:
Wherever Nina Lies (Lynn Weingarten) Ellie's older sister Nina disappeared two years ago and now Ellie is on a mission to find her. Quick, suspenseful, and fun read!

Gingerbread; Shrimp; Cupcake (Rachel Cohn) We couldn't put down this fun series about Cyd Charisse and her crazy cool life. Teen People called it "unforgettable"!

The Au Pairs (Melissa De La Cruz) Missing the hot weather? This breezy novel about 3 au pairs and their crazy summer in the Hamptons will surely cure your craving.

T.V. You Can't Miss:
Skins (U.S.)! Despite what the critics think, we love this show! So much drama = so much fun (as long as it's not our life) :)

Pretty Little Liars- If you're not watching this series... YOU HAVE SOME CATCHING UP TO DO!

We love anything on the CW, our favorites are 90210, The Vampire Diaries, and Gossip Girl.

Fashion Police- The clothes are exciting, but Joan Rivers steals the show!

Rachel & Amanda
The Twin Spin


Hey Taylor Swift fans,

Taylor has announced her Speak Now Tour!!!

If you're obsessed like us, check it out:

We've seen her twice and trust us... she is amazing!

What do you think of Taylor Swift?

Rachel & Amanda
The Twin Spin

New Twitter!

Hey everyone! We made a twitter! Check us out :)!/thetwinspin


Free Concerts!

Why pay so much money for concerts when you can see your favorite artists for free?!

We've been lucky enough to see Miley Cyrus, The Jonas Brothers, and Lady Antebellum without paying a dollar!

Some people are skeptical because they think they won't be able to see, but we had great spots every time! It's all about getting there early. Really early! The size of the crowd depends on the artists popularity.

Most free concerts are only a few songs, but if you're like us, it's TOTALLY worth it!

Don't know how to find free concerts?
Use the Internet!
Lots of morning shows have free concerts open to the public.
Ex: Good Morning America and The Today Show
Also, always check your favorite artists website, twitter, myspace, facebook, etc.

We saw the Jonas Brothers at The Grove in LA last May. Unfortunately, we got there too late to be in front of the stage, and had to watch from the back.... but it ended up being even better! We met Lucy Hale, Candice Accola, Malese Jow, Stephen R. McQueen, Honor Society, Big Rob, Ashley Benson, Chelsea Staub, Nicole Anderson and more! They were all watching from the side, so they passed us! We even got a picture with a few! Even though we were behind the stage, we still got to see the Jonas Brothers play!

We saw Miley Cyrus and guest Bret Michaels in Central Park, New York in June. It was for Good Morning America's Summer Concert Series. We got there about 5 hours before the show, so we had an awesome view. We also met chef Emril and Liam Hemsworth! You never know who else will be at free shows :)

We also saw Lady Antebellum at a Good Morning America concert! We even got to be second row! They were amazing and so nice! Since they aren't as big as Miley yet, we didn't have to get there so early.

First Post!

Hey everybody!

We're 16 year old twins living in New York and are absolutely obsessed with celebrities! We've met some amazing celebrities these past few years and want to share our experiences and help other celeb loving fans meet their idols too.

We'll also be sharing our current likes, dislikes, opinions, and ideas!

We love music, movies, magazines, concerts, babysitting, our friends, our family, and our two cute puppies!

Rachel & Amanda
The Twin Spin