Meet Kris Jenner!

Wanna meet the original Kardashian?!

You can meet Kris signing her new book "Kris Jenner... And All Things Kardashian" in:

- New York! 11/3/11 4:00 at Barnes & Noble East 86th Street. NY, NY

-New Jersey! 11/3/11 at BookEnds- East Ridgewood Ave. Ridgewood, NJ

-California! -11/13/11 1:00pm at Costco- Lindero Canyon Road. Westlake Village, CA
                  -11/15/11 7:00 pm at Barnes & Noble- Grove Drive, Los Angeles, CA

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To celebrate this fun day, how about seeing how your favorite stars dress up?!

-Selena dressed up for her show in Montreal!

-Candice Accola and Zach Roerig as Toddlers and Tiaras and a stage dad! Hilarious!!

-Lucy Hale and friend as another toddler and tiara star and shakespeare!

-Kevin and Danielle Jonas
Kevin & Danielle Atlantic City Halloween

-Heidi Klum...WOW!
Heidi Klum – 2011 12th Annual Halloween Party in Las Vegas

-JWOWW is a gangster

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Our Best Meeting Celeb Tips!

Here are some ways we have been successful in meeting celebrities:

1)Use the Internet! We use a variety of websites to find out what stars will be where. Some of the best are -for movie and show filmings -for book signings -celeb gossip and occasional tips -type in the celeb you care about and info will surely come up -many celebs write where they are so follow them!

2)Ask around!
When you get to the location of a star, ask everyone working there for details and any questions you may have. You never know who will help you (we got VIP once just by asking a worker).

3)Don't be shy!
Many times we are the only fans asking for pictures! Surprisingly celebrities generally don't mind taking them so why not try?

4)Always be early!
There are always many fans just like you at each event, especially for bigger stars! The earlier you get there, the earlier you can meet a star or be closer to the front of the stage.

5)If there's a will, there's a way!
It may seem like there is no way to meet a star or get into a private event, but if you really try, you may have luck! Many times we have been told we couldn't meet a star or take a picture, but with enough persistence and talking to enoug people, we are almost always successful! Of course listen to authority (like security guards) if they say no, they mean no!

6)Don' t be rude!
Whenever talking to people who work at the event or the stars, use your manners. People are more likely to help you if you are polite. A few times, we were told not to yell out to the star (like Joe Jonas) or else he wouldn't take pictures. The crowd didn't scream when he came out and he took pictures with everyone!

7)Finally, be patient!
Celebrities are known to be late to events so you may have to wait hours to meet them or see them! If you love them enough, it will be worth it, so stick around!

Meeting celebrities can take some planning, but is always a lot of fun!!!

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We made a TUMBLR!

On our new tumblr we're putting every picture of every celeb we've ever met or seen! Please check it out and follow us! It's a work in progress!

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Our Favorite Things!

Lately, we are LOVING....

-Whitney, a new t.v. show on NBC. You will be rolling with laughter!
Whitney tv show photo
-Unbroken by Demi Lovato. Every song is amazing! Our favorites are "Lightweight" and "Unbroken".

-The Bachelorette Party by Karen McCullah Lutz is actually laugh out loud funny. You won't be able to put it down! It is a little raunchy though!

-Magazines are always the best! We are currently subscribed to Seventeen, Teen Vogue, Instyle, Shape, People Style Watch, and our favorite Us Weekly. It's so much fun to get a treat in the mail every month, or every week!

-FlowerBomb perfume by Viktor & Rolf. It smells so good, for women of any age. We love it and so does our mom!

-Iced Tea: We drink it everyday. Our favorite brands are Snapple, Turkey Hill, Tazo Tea, and pretty much any brand that either makes diet or is healthy for you!
-Dried seaweed: We love getting seaweed salad when we get Japanese food, but now we LOVE buying seaweed as a snack. It's so yummy and really good for you! You can get it at most health food stores.

-ALLSAINTS SPITALFIELDS: They make the most beautiful dresses, ever! We both bought gorgeous dresses for our little sister's upcoming party. It's a little pricey for us, so we went to an outlet of theirs and absolutely died!

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Jason Aldean Concert

For all those country music fans out there you know who Jason Aldean is! If not, listen to some of his songs like "Big Green Tractor" and "She's Country". You'll absolutely love him after that!

We went to his concert last year at the Irving Plaza, a general admission theater. We waited in line for a few hours so we could be close to the front.

It was a great concert full of crazy country fans! There were mostly adults there, so we felt a little out of place though.

We also didn't know all of his songs since his CD came out that day. It didn't matter because it was so much fun. We love country concerts because the crowd is so enthusiastic and the tickets are generally cheap. :)

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We Met Housewives of NY and NJ!

About two years ago we went to a discussion with Teresa and Caroline from Housewives of NJ and Jill and Alex from Housewives of NY.

When we walked in we saw Caroline's children, Lauren and Albie who were really sweet!

We bought tickets for less than $20 each and heard them discuss the show and their lives.

Our aunt is related to Jill so we were able to go backstage and meet the ladies during intermission, but they took pictures after with everyone.

Also, when we went to the Kendra Wilkinson book signing (see earlier post), we met Ashley and Derek from RHNJ. They were in line and gladly took pictures with us. You never know where you will meet people! They are fans just like us!

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Dutchess County Fair!

Two summers ago we went to the Dutchess County Fair. It is a fair full of good food, hicks, and fun LOL! We went to see one of our favorite country bands Gloriana! Most county fairs have concerts at night and our night was Gloriana and Joe Nicols.

We walked around the fair then went to the stage hours before the concert. We talked to a man with a Gloriana pass asking about a meet and greet. He said he would see what he could do. A little while later, he brought out the boys of the band!

Turns out he was their step dad! YOU HAVE TO TALK TO EVERYONE because you never know who you're talking to!

The boys were so sweet. Before the show we went to the back of the stage where we saw the girls of Gloriana and Joe Nicols walk around so we got pictures with all of them.

The great thing about smaller bands is that you have a bigger chance of meeting them at their concerts.


Both acts were great and so much fun! We adore country music and think more people should give it a chance. : )


Today was AMAZEBALLS! We met Perez Hilton, our blogging idol! He was SO sweet! 

It was at a book signing at Book-Ends in Ridgewood, NJ. He first did a discussion, where he told us about the book and answered our questions. The discussion made us love him all the more because we thought we were talking to our best friend since we agreed with everything he said!

We got to tell him how much we love his website and look up to him! He couldn't have been more appreciative and great!

Check him out!

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Maroon 5 and Train Concert

In August, we took our mom to a Maroon 5 and Train concert for her mother's day present. The opening act was supposed to be Gavin Degraw, but because of his health condition (he was mugged and hit by a car in NYC), Matt Nathanson was there!

The concert was on a beach (Jones Beach for any New Yorkers). It was the best concert we've ever been to! We absolutely love Maroon 5 and were into Train and Matt Nathanson, but not huge fans.

Turns out, every act was beyond amazing! We went right out to buy Matt Nathanson's album and couldn't believe how Train captured the audience.

But of course, Maroon 5 was the best. Adam Levine and the rest of the band sounded as good as they do on the radio.

 Our advice for any concert goers: Make sure you go to the opening acts! We were really only excited for Maroon 5, but went home loving 2 more great musicians. The opening acts are generally a similar genre to the main artist, so give them a chance!!!!

Talk About Luck

We were walking our dogs on a trail near our house when we saw trailers along the rode. Of course we had to check it out. The people standing outside told us a few streets over they were filming a new show called Smash. That day Katherine Mcphee (a star of the show) was there to film.

We quickly ran our dogs home and went to the location. It was different than some filmings we've been to because there were no fans there besides us.

So we waited near the set and Katherine saw us and called us over.

She asked if we wanted a picture and we talked for a little while. While she was super nice, she was also really mellow and calm.

If you want to go to filming locations, which can sometimes be a risk, but sometimes are an easy way to meet a celebrity, go to This website gives what film or tv show will be shooting and where.

Our Last Days of Summer

Yes, we should've posted this awhile ago, but better late than never right?!

The last week of our summer was very eventful! We met Joe Jonas and saw Enrique Iglesias.

We were lucky enough to win tickets to see Joe Jonas at the P.C. Richard and Son Theater in Tribeca, NY. Our #1 way to do amazing things is to enter contests on radio station websites. Seriously become a member of every local radio station, get points, and enter contests!!!!

We had to get to the theater about an hour early. Our spot in the general admission theater was okay because it was a first come first serve, and people had been waiting for hours. It was an amazing theater though and a great concert. We went in semi Joe Jonas fans, and came out obsessed with him. After the concert, we waited by the back door, where Joe graciously took pics with every fan there.

A few days later we went to The Today Show to see Enrique. It was a free concert where he only played 3 songs. We emailed the Today Show for fan passes and won them. We got there at about 4 in the morning and he didn't go on until 8:30 am.

In our opinion, it wasn't totally worth it because while it was a fun experience, it was much more waiting than seeing him and he was hard to see.
Before he came on, Nick Cannon came out to say hi and give people hugs for a charity he was doing, which was cool!
To go to morning show concerts, check on their websites. We've had more luck at Good Morning America, than we have had at the Today Show.

Hilary Duff!

If you've ever watched Lizzie Mcguire like us, then you already love Hilary Duff! If not, you are missing out! She is an amazing singer and actress we had the chance to meet recently.

She did a book signing for her latest book, Devoted. We went to Books and Greetings in NJ. This signing was a ticketed event meaning we got a ticket (we got 470 so we were near last) and we didn't have to wait in line. We just went when our ticket was called.

We ended up having to wait for 4 hours because we didn't want to go back home. When it was finally our turn we had Hilary sign our books and take a picture with us. Hilary was really sweet and appreciative.

Book signings area  great way to meet your favorite celebrity (if they ever write a book!). For most book signings we use the website