Maroon 5 and Train Concert

In August, we took our mom to a Maroon 5 and Train concert for her mother's day present. The opening act was supposed to be Gavin Degraw, but because of his health condition (he was mugged and hit by a car in NYC), Matt Nathanson was there!

The concert was on a beach (Jones Beach for any New Yorkers). It was the best concert we've ever been to! We absolutely love Maroon 5 and were into Train and Matt Nathanson, but not huge fans.

Turns out, every act was beyond amazing! We went right out to buy Matt Nathanson's album and couldn't believe how Train captured the audience.

But of course, Maroon 5 was the best. Adam Levine and the rest of the band sounded as good as they do on the radio.

 Our advice for any concert goers: Make sure you go to the opening acts! We were really only excited for Maroon 5, but went home loving 2 more great musicians. The opening acts are generally a similar genre to the main artist, so give them a chance!!!!


  1. Must have been an amazing concert! I got the moves like jagger ;)