The First Time....

Two of our fave actors Dylan O'brien (Teen Wolf) and Britt Robertson (The Secret Circle) are staring in a movie together called The First Time!

We always see Dylan and Britt talking to each other on twitter and were wondering how they met, and now we know!

The movie is a romantic comedy about a set of teenagers new love.

Also in the movie is Victoria Justice and Christine Taylor.

The movie just recently got picked up to be in Sundance Film Festival in 2012!

The Twin Spin thinks this movie is going to be great and can't wait to see it when it comes out next year!

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#2 for Kourt!

We are SO happy to announce that Kourtney Kardashian is pregnant with her second baby!

Her and beau, Scott Disick, are welcoming their second child together!

 She is 9 weeks pregnant and we just can't wait! 

Kardashian and Jenner Family Thanksgiving 2011

Kim Kardashian said, "I just know Mason will make the best big brother and I can't wait to meet my new little niece or nephew!"

We are so excited for our Us Weekly with Kourtney on the cover!

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Victoria's Secret NOW!

The Victoria's Secret Fashion show is starting right now east coasters! And it is AMAZING!

These girls are so beautiful and perfect!

Can't wait to see Adam Levine sing to his girl, Anne!

Wait, we are SO happy Karlie Kloss is an angel! Love her!

Are YOU watching?

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New Look for Joe!

Joe Jonas has been seen vacationing in Los Cabos, Mexico this past weekend sporting something other than just a bathing suit!


He is growing a mustache! Yuck!

Even if it is no shave November, please shave this off!

Shirtless Joe Jonas Sports a Stache in Mexico

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Anne is Engaged!

Congratulations to Anne Hathaway! She is now engaged to Adam Shulman!

Anne Hathaway and Boyfriend Share Smooch in Beverly Hills

They have been dating for three years and he finally popped the question earlier this week!

Anne Hathaway and Adam Shulman Celebrate Engagement in the Park

Her ring was designed by her fiance and Kwiat Heritage Jewels! So pretty!

Anne Hathaway and Adam Shulman Celebrate Engagement in the Park

What do YOU think of the couple?

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Today Hot Chelle Rae's cd came out!

We are soooo excited because "Tonight Tonight" and "I Like it Like That" are two of our favorite songs!

Another song we adore is "Why Don't You Love Me". More about that song with Demi Lovato here:

Once we buy the CD we will let you know about all of the other songs!

Will YOU be buying the Whatever?

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Yikes Kellan!

Kellan Lutz has changed his hair (again lol)  and for the worst! 

He tweeted this: 
"Movember equals MoHawk month right, or was it Mustache? ... Out with the old and in with the new, good bye dark hair it's been fun."

Kellan Lutz's photo: Movember equals MoHawk month right, or was it Mustache? ... Out with the old and in with the new, good bye dark hair it's been fun.

Can't say we love it, but we'll always love him!

Make sure you check out his new movie coming out this weekend, "Warrior Heart" with Ashley Greene and Chord Overstreet!

Photo and tweet from Kellan's twitter
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We're beyond excited that Kylie Jenner and Cody Simpson are dating! 

They were spotted together this weekend at The Grove in LA!

They met at the Breaking Dawn premiere, how cute are they?!

Kylie Jenner Is Totally Dating Cody Simpson!

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Do You Love Werewolves?!

If you do, you will be happy to know that..... THE CAST OF TEEN WOLF STARTED FILMING!

Teen Wolf is one of our favorite shows because the storyline is SO good, but most of all, because we LOVE Tyler Posey and the rest of the beautiful cast!!!

The cast is headed to Atlanta to film for the next season premiering in January.

Here are some pictures the cast has been posting on twitter:

Tyler Posey waiting at the airport! So hot!

Tyler Hoechlin driving to Atlanta.

Here's a picture of some of the cast:


Will YOU watch Teen Wolf?!

Photos from @tylerposey, @tylerL_Hoechlin,

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The Twin Spin Top 5!

This week is our top TV shows we've watched this week!

1) Rob Dyrdek's Fantasy Factory
We know this show is a little bit older, but MTV2 plays it a lot! Rob and Drama kept us laughing the whole time with all of their jokes and crazy ideas! Definitely worth watching.

2) New Girl
While we didn't love this show at first, it keeps getting better and better! Zooey Deschanel's sense of humor takes some getting used to, because she is a little weird, but we promise you'll grow to love her. 

The Twin Spin thinks you MUST watch the Thanksgiving episode with Justin Long!!!

3) Boy Meets World
This was one of our favorite shows growing up and we love it all over again! The characters are the best and say the wittiest jokes.

4) Real Housewives of Beverly Hills
This show is full of drama and gossip! We love how fab all of the ladies are. Our favorite housewife is Kyle, but this season we can't help but loving Camille! She is so much better without Kelsey Grammer.

5) Saturday Night Live
There is no show funnier than SNL. Our favorite episode ever was when Miley Cyrus hosted. They always have great guests and bands. 

Our dream is to go to the show one day!!!

The Twin Spin loves: funny shows!

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Must See Selena Video

Selena Gomez's new music video for "Hit The Lights" is out and we LOVE it!

Watch it here:

We really like this song, but it's not as catchy as some of her others!

She looks amazing in all of the scenes!

The Twin Spin loves:
-Selena with the sparkler at the end
-The city shots
-Selena's party outfits

The Twin Spin doesn't love:
-Selena's straight hair with the rainbow feathers

Overall, we give it an A!

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Photographer, Tyler Shields, posted this steamy pic of Chord Overstreet on his website! He said there are more to come.... WE CAN"T WAIT!

Tyler wrote, "You will never meet another human being like Chord Overstreet and that is an understatement! I have some incredible shots of him this is just a tease!"

Photo from!
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Want To Be A Celebrity?!

 We would LOVE to become famous, but until our dreams come true, we can act like we're living the good life! LOL

Here are some fun ideas on how to act like a celeb in various cities:

New York: 
There are so many fun celebrity themed ideas in our favorite city.

1) Go to Serendipity 3! Many celebs go there such as Justin Bieber, Zac Efron, Vanessa Hudgens, Ashley Tisdale, and Sarah Palin. Here's the owner with some celebs!

2) Go on a tour of many popular shows filmed in NYC such as Sex and The City and Gossip Girl. Details here:

New York TV and Movie Sites Tour | On Location Tours | New York Sightseeing, New York Tours

3) Get some Starbucks, put on sunglasses and go for a walk! Celebrities love walking around NYC and looking at fabulous stores.

Los Angeles:
This is the BEST place to spot celebrities or do things they would do!

1) Go to Hollywood. This is where you can see all of the stars and buy fun souvenirs.

2) Go to the Grove. This is an outdoor mall that is notorious for celeb sightings. Extra also films there often.

3) Walk on Rodeo Drive, Melrose Place, and Robertson Ave. These are all popular streets in Cali!

1) Go to the Grand Ole Opry! Catch a country music show!
2) Take a tour of celebrity homes! Knowing you are standing right where celebrities live is SO cool!

There are amazing opportunities in all cities to act like a star!
Japanese restaurants are always on the top of the stars' lists! Hot spots include Nobu, Katsuya, Tao, and Lavo!
Just go to a popular restaurant or walk around in an amazing outfit!
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Taylor Lautner is everywhere! Here are some hot pics of him at premieres, talk shows, and more!

We love Taylor, especially in Valentine's Day!

Taylor Lautner Outside 'Regis & Kelly' Studios in NYC

Taylor Lautner Leaves the BBC Radio 1 Studios in London

Taylor Lautner Is One Hot Bull Riding, Chaps Wearing Cowboy

Taylor Lautner Is One Hot Bull Riding, Chaps Wearing Cowboy

 taylor lautner breaking dawn premiere

Robert Pattinson Attends

Photo cred

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SPOTTED & 100!

Today, in Paris, France, Eva Mendes and Ryan Gosling were spotted together!

This is also our 100th post! Who is more deserving of our 100th post than this gorgeous couple?!

ryan gosling eva mendes

They've been hooking up since last month, when they were seen together in LA.

They're costars in The Place Beyond The Pines! Can't wait to see it!

IN LOVE - Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes spend quality time together at the Pere Lachaise Cemetery in Paris

The Twin Spin loves them together and thinks they make a beautiful couple!

ryan gosling eva mendes

We adore them both, especially Ryan in Crazy, Stupid, Love and The Notebook!

IN LOVE - Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes spend quality time together at the Pere Lachaise Cemetery in Paris

What do YOU think of the Eva and Ryan?

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Horrible Bosses is the funniest movie since the Hangover! 

Horrible Bosses Poster
We just watched it and couldn't stop laughing! The Twin Spin would recommend it to anyone!

The actors are all hysterical, especially Jason Sudeikis! We love him from Saturday Night Live!

If you need something fun to do this break, watch Horrible Bosses!

The Twin Spin
Rachel & Amanda 

Southern Made Hollywood Paid!

Trace Cyrus, Miley's older brother, has a clothing line called Kill Brand !

Miley Is Southern Made Hollywood Paid

Miley made a shirt for the line with Southern Made Hollywood Paid! It's our favorite shirt in the line! 

Even better, a percentage of the sale goes to the Miley Cyrus Foundation! Loves it!

Brenda Song, Trace's fiance, also modeled the shirt!

Miley Is Southern Made Hollywood Paid

Photos from Kill Brand's Website

The Twin Spin
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Whoa Baby!

Selena Gomez is going to be a big sister!!

She just posted this picture on twitter saying her mom is pregnant and they aren't sure of the gender yet! 

We are so happy for Selena and her family!

P.S. Selena and her mom look SO alike!

Photo from Selena's twitter

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Upcoming Concerts!

There's nothing we love more than going to a concert and seeing an artist performing LIVE!

Here are some concerts we think you should check out:

-Miranda Lambert is going on tour with Jerrod Neiman and Chris Young.
 We don't know much of her music, but her opening acts are enough to make us go alone! They are two of our fave country music stars!

-Lady Antebellum!
We love their new CD Own the Night. Lady Antebellum is amazing live!

-Honor Society with The Trace, Alex Goot, Sunderland, and Aaron Camper.
We only know a few songs but they're a fun band and the tickets are cheap!

-K104's Not So Silent Night
With so many artists like Tao Cruz, The Fray, Jason Derulo, and more for only $25 it's a steal!

-Z100's Jingle Ball
We are dying to go! Read more here:

Z100's Jingle Ball

And many others!

Check it all out here:

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