Want To Be A Celebrity?!

 We would LOVE to become famous, but until our dreams come true, we can act like we're living the good life! LOL

Here are some fun ideas on how to act like a celeb in various cities:

New York: 
There are so many fun celebrity themed ideas in our favorite city.

1) Go to Serendipity 3! Many celebs go there such as Justin Bieber, Zac Efron, Vanessa Hudgens, Ashley Tisdale, and Sarah Palin. Here's the owner with some celebs!

2) Go on a tour of many popular shows filmed in NYC such as Sex and The City and Gossip Girl. Details here:

New York TV and Movie Sites Tour | On Location Tours | New York Sightseeing, New York Tours

3) Get some Starbucks, put on sunglasses and go for a walk! Celebrities love walking around NYC and looking at fabulous stores.

Los Angeles:
This is the BEST place to spot celebrities or do things they would do!

1) Go to Hollywood. This is where you can see all of the stars and buy fun souvenirs.

2) Go to the Grove. This is an outdoor mall that is notorious for celeb sightings. Extra also films there often.

3) Walk on Rodeo Drive, Melrose Place, and Robertson Ave. These are all popular streets in Cali!

1) Go to the Grand Ole Opry! Catch a country music show!
2) Take a tour of celebrity homes! Knowing you are standing right where celebrities live is SO cool!

There are amazing opportunities in all cities to act like a star!
Japanese restaurants are always on the top of the stars' lists! Hot spots include Nobu, Katsuya, Tao, and Lavo!
Just go to a popular restaurant or walk around in an amazing outfit!
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  1. nice tips you share here! Although it is still better to be real celebrity than to pretend to be one.

  2. Haha good point! Until then though...