Meeting Maroon Five!

In April, we went on a trip to France with our school and had to go to JFK airport. Amanda was just waiting in security and who was next to her?! MAROON FIVE!!!

Amanda and our friend were able to talk to Adam Levine (the main singer) for awhile while they waited to go through security.

Once Amanda and the band came through, we (Rachel and Amanda) asked Adam for a picture. He was really nice and took a few pictures with us because the person taking the picture's hand was shaking so much that the first few came out blurry.

After getting a good pic, Adam suggested he take a picture with everyone in the exchange! He was so sweet and it was the perfect celeb run in.

Surprises like this make us want to go to the airport more often!


We Met Lady Gaga!

We entered a contest on a radio station website (we put 38,000 points in!) and won two passes to meet Lady Gaga and get two of her cds. Many radio stations have reward programs where you can aquire points and enter a variety of contests!

We went to the signing in Best Buy in NYC last month where fans could meet her either by winning a contest (like us) or buying her cd that morning. We were able to skip the whole line! Gaga didn't come out until 10 oclock at night but we definetly did not mind waiting.

Lady Gaga was extremely nice and she even kissed Rachel on the cheek. She signed every person's cd and gave some lucky fans a signed farmville pass for $25 worth of farmville points.

It was definetly one of the best celebrity meetings ever!

Rachel & Amanda
The Twin Spin Blog


Sunday night we saw KATY PERRY on her California Dreams Tour at the Prudential Center in Newark, NJ! IT WAS AMAZING!

She is an unbelievable performer and so talented!

It was such a fun show with so many costume changes, cool backgrounds, and audience interaction! She even brought up some fans on stage!

We highly recommend checking out one of her shows if you get the chance! Her cd is also a must!

Rachel & Amanda
The Twin Spin

Celebrity Play Meetings!

Is a star you love in a Broadway or off-Broadway play?

YOU CAN MEET THEM (well probably...!) We have recently had some luck waiting outside the play "Love, Loss, and What I Wore" meeting Minka Kelly and Annalynne McCord!!! They were sooo sweet and appreciative.

Even if you don't attend the show, you may be able to meet celebrities by waiting outside. If you don't go to the show we recommend getting there at least 15 minutes before the show ends. If you do attend, try to go outside as soon as you can!

We were able to take a picture and get an autograph by both stars. While this doesn't always work out, it's a risk we are willing to take!

Rachel & Amanda
The Twin Spin



Friday night we went to GLEE LIVE! It was AMAZING! We LOVE the show, so to see it live was incredible!

On facebook, we saw that Glee was asking their fans to come watch the taping for the 3D movie out this summer! We were able to watch the filming all day, say hi to a few cast members, and get tickets for the night show all for free!

We had already bought tickets though, so we gave the extra tickets to our friends and family!

Our seats were the back of the floor (which we don't recommend getting because it was hard to see the stage), but there was another stage next to us, where many stars performed!

Overall, amazing experience that we highly recommend seeing if they go on tour next year!

Rachel & Amanda
The Twin Spin

Movie Screenings

Movie screenings are where fans can see movies. They normally are one day earlier, many times FOR FREE! We've won passes to screenings twice from radio station contests online.

We went to the Country Strong screening in NYC in December. We won 6 passes! We went and had to wait on a long line for about an hour. Then we were told we couldn't make it in because the theater was full. We waited around just in case and someone came to give us and our friends tickets!

We accidentally went to the wrong floor and ran into Garrett Hedlund (the star of the movie!). He was really nice and came into the theater to tell everyone to enjoy the movie.

We ended up seeing a great movie and meeting a celebrity for no cost at all. There are not always celebrities at screenings, but they are fun events either way! (Just be sure to get there really early).