The Twin Spin Top 5!

This week is our top TV shows we've watched this week!

1) Rob Dyrdek's Fantasy Factory
We know this show is a little bit older, but MTV2 plays it a lot! Rob and Drama kept us laughing the whole time with all of their jokes and crazy ideas! Definitely worth watching.

2) New Girl
While we didn't love this show at first, it keeps getting better and better! Zooey Deschanel's sense of humor takes some getting used to, because she is a little weird, but we promise you'll grow to love her. 

The Twin Spin thinks you MUST watch the Thanksgiving episode with Justin Long!!!

3) Boy Meets World
This was one of our favorite shows growing up and we love it all over again! The characters are the best and say the wittiest jokes.

4) Real Housewives of Beverly Hills
This show is full of drama and gossip! We love how fab all of the ladies are. Our favorite housewife is Kyle, but this season we can't help but loving Camille! She is so much better without Kelsey Grammer.

5) Saturday Night Live
There is no show funnier than SNL. Our favorite episode ever was when Miley Cyrus hosted. They always have great guests and bands. 

Our dream is to go to the show one day!!!

The Twin Spin loves: funny shows!

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