Dutchess County Fair!

Two summers ago we went to the Dutchess County Fair. It is a fair full of good food, hicks, and fun LOL! We went to see one of our favorite country bands Gloriana! Most county fairs have concerts at night and our night was Gloriana and Joe Nicols.

We walked around the fair then went to the stage hours before the concert. We talked to a man with a Gloriana pass asking about a meet and greet. He said he would see what he could do. A little while later, he brought out the boys of the band!

Turns out he was their step dad! YOU HAVE TO TALK TO EVERYONE because you never know who you're talking to!

The boys were so sweet. Before the show we went to the back of the stage where we saw the girls of Gloriana and Joe Nicols walk around so we got pictures with all of them.

The great thing about smaller bands is that you have a bigger chance of meeting them at their concerts.


Both acts were great and so much fun! We adore country music and think more people should give it a chance. : )

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