Talk About Luck

We were walking our dogs on a trail near our house when we saw trailers along the rode. Of course we had to check it out. The people standing outside told us a few streets over they were filming a new show called Smash. That day Katherine Mcphee (a star of the show) was there to film.

We quickly ran our dogs home and went to the location. It was different than some filmings we've been to because there were no fans there besides us.

So we waited near the set and Katherine saw us and called us over.

She asked if we wanted a picture and we talked for a little while. While she was super nice, she was also really mellow and calm.

If you want to go to filming locations, which can sometimes be a risk, but sometimes are an easy way to meet a celebrity, go to This website gives what film or tv show will be shooting and where.

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