Our Best Meeting Celeb Tips!

Here are some ways we have been successful in meeting celebrities:

1)Use the Internet! We use a variety of websites to find out what stars will be where. Some of the best are -for movie and show filmings -for book signings -celeb gossip and occasional tips -type in the celeb you care about and info will surely come up -many celebs write where they are so follow them!

2)Ask around!
When you get to the location of a star, ask everyone working there for details and any questions you may have. You never know who will help you (we got VIP once just by asking a worker).

3)Don't be shy!
Many times we are the only fans asking for pictures! Surprisingly celebrities generally don't mind taking them so why not try?

4)Always be early!
There are always many fans just like you at each event, especially for bigger stars! The earlier you get there, the earlier you can meet a star or be closer to the front of the stage.

5)If there's a will, there's a way!
It may seem like there is no way to meet a star or get into a private event, but if you really try, you may have luck! Many times we have been told we couldn't meet a star or take a picture, but with enough persistence and talking to enoug people, we are almost always successful! Of course listen to authority (like security guards) if they say no, they mean no!

6)Don' t be rude!
Whenever talking to people who work at the event or the stars, use your manners. People are more likely to help you if you are polite. A few times, we were told not to yell out to the star (like Joe Jonas) or else he wouldn't take pictures. The crowd didn't scream when he came out and he took pictures with everyone!

7)Finally, be patient!
Celebrities are known to be late to events so you may have to wait hours to meet them or see them! If you love them enough, it will be worth it, so stick around!

Meeting celebrities can take some planning, but is always a lot of fun!!!

The Twin Spin
Rachel & Amanda

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