Dollhouse Review!

We recently read Dollhouse by Kim, Khloe, and Kourtney Kardashian.

We want to start off by saying we love the Kardashian's and can't believe they found the time to write a book during their busy schedules!

But.... Dollhouse is not our favorite book!

The Twin Spin loves:
  • Reading books about characters living in LA (our dream!).
  • It was a really quick and easy read.
  • There were some really good jokes!
  • We were BEYOND happy they dedicated the book to their fans. 
The Twin Spin did not love:
  • The plot has too much going on that didn't make total sense.
  • The characters were not too likable (to us anyway).
  • Everything was sooo dramatic. Kass, of course, had to be the best of the best in her class. Kamille became incredibly famous just because of one modeling job. 

The Twin Spin also wanted to point out that drinking and driving, underage drinking and drug use, and driving and texting are NEVER okay.
In the book, those problems were casually done, which we know the Kardashian's are against, but they didn't make a great effort to say it was wrong, but instead made it like it was no big deal.

Overall we give the book a B.

If you want to read something Kardashian related, that is REALLY GOOD, hurry up and get Glamour magazine with them on the cover, before it is out of stores!

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