We Met One Direction!

On March 13th at the Palisades Mall in West Nyack, we met ONE DIRECTION!

The boys were really sweet and Zayn winked at Rachel & held Amanda's hand!
They didn't really talk unless we talked to them first though.

There were so many crazy fans there & one girl even fainted!

The Twin Spin was TOTALLY disappointed that we couldn't take pictures & were really rushed.

We were at the end of the line so the security was strict about making sure we went as fast as possible so we couldn't say much to the boys.

No matter what it was absolutely worth it and so amazing!

We LOVE the CD & the band.

 Rachel is in love with Harry & Amanda loves Zayn. Of coarse, we love Niall, Liam, & Louis too (those are just our favorites!).

Did YOU meet them?!

The Twin Spin
Rachel & Amanda

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