We went to The Wanted's album release party Monday night at The Bowlmor Lanes... And we were Glad We Came LOL!

We both won tickets on KTU radio's rewards program... ALWAYS ENTER CONTESTS!

The Twin Spin met Lady Gaga through a radio station also!

While we were on line, our friend spotted Cody Simpson, so we got a picture with him!
He was really nice, but he had to leave so we couldn't really talk with him.

The band came into the building and said hi to all of their fans!

After awhile we went in (they were running late) and got to be about 4th row from the stage!

The boys (Max, Tom, Nathan, Siva, and our fave Jay) sang 4 songs and were really interacting with the fans!

The Twin Spin got to meet the band in the meet & greet after!

The security was rushing us so unfortunately Amanda got into a picture with girls we don't know.

Rachel & our friend got our own picture! 

The band was super nice, and Jay & Siva kissed and hugged us! The boys took our hands every time we passed them. They are so affectionate and we LOVE it haha!

We waited on the side and as they were leaving Jay kissed Rachel again & Siva took a picture with Amanda, but it came out really blurry. :(

When we passed the venue about 20 minutes later we saw Nathan get into a cab and we said hi!

Overall it was an AMAZING night & we definitely want to meet them again!

The Twin Spin
Rachel & Amanda

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