Meeting TEEN WOLF!

Thursday was totally one of the best days of our lives! We met Colton Haynes, Tyler Posey, and Holland Roden from MTV's Teen Wolf!

The three of them were in NYC to ring the NASDAQ bell and fans came to watch!

We found out about the event on Twitter and Facebook, where @MTVTeenWolf told fans to come!
As the stars were going into the building, they said they would come out after to take pictures.
While inside, they waved to us and blew kisses!
When they did come out after, it was absolutely mental!
The fans went crazy and the cast had to go back inside!

We went to the back door of the building and a security guard opened the door slightly to let someone out, so we stuck our heads in and called to Tyler and he waved! We asked Holland and Colton for a picture and they asked if we could come inside, but the security said no. Holland mouthed to us to come to their hotel and that she was sorry!

We were so excited, but didn't know what hotel they were staying at, so Rachel tweeted Holland and asked! She messaged Rachel and told us their hotel! We could not believe it!

Us and a few friends we met sprinted to the hotel and about 20 min later, the cast came!

When Holland and Colton got out of the car, they said, "Hey! We wanted to get pictures with you guys". We almost died.... :)

Holland, Colton, and Tyler were three of the nicest people we have ever met! We took so many pictures with them and had some greats chats!

As we've mentioned before, Rachel is absolutely obsessed with Tyler, so this was a dream come true for her! Amanda even got Tyler to kiss Rachel's cheek! (He has a girlfriend though, so he was hesitant at first, but he did anyway!) Amanda is extremely into Colton, so they made kissy faces together and hugged for every picture! LOL


Yesterday, Colton put a picture on instagram thanking the fans for coming and we were in it! So cool!!!

Make sure to watch Teen Wolf this Sunday night after the MTV Movie Awards!

The Twin Spin
Rachel & Amanda


  1. how did u guys get to meet the teen wolf cast...cause i want to!

  2. Hey, sorry it took awhile to write back! We got really lucky! We saw that they were going to be in NYC on MTV Teen Wolf's twitter. We went to where they were supposed to be and then to their hotel! All of the details are above in this post! Good luck!