Vamp Life!

This was such an amazing weekend thanks to some AMAZING vampires!

We went to The Vampire Diaries convention in New Jersey and because our friend's sister is the stars' agent, we got to have a "VIP" type weekend with the cast.

Anyone is able to buy tickets to the convention, and fans can seperately purchase meet & greets, pictures, autographs, or tickets to questions & answers with the stars. Buy tickets here:

On the first day Zach Roerig, Michael Trevino, & Steven Mcqueen were there. We were able to go into the "green room" aka where the stars hang out between brakes & talk to the boys.

They couldn't have been nicer & we're sure we got death stares from jealous fans when we got to hang with them LOL. We seriously were jealous of ourselves!!

It was a lot of fun to get to be with the celebrities for more than just a few minutes & see how they really are just normal guys. 

The boys gave us awesome college tips for next year!
When we were leaving, the boys all gave us hugs & Zach gave us each a kiss on the cheek!

On Sunday Ian Somerhalder, Paul Wesley, Torrey Devitto, and Daniel Gillies were there.

Ian was running late so when we got there, we hung out with Paul for awhile. He was so nice & we loved everything he had to say.

When Paul did his question & answer, where fans ask him questions, we had no idea he was so funny!

We also got to meet Paul's family, who were all so sweet.

We have to admit, we were excited to meet Daniel (who plays Elijah on VD) but of all of the stars, he was the person we were least excited about.... BUT by the end of the weekend, he was our favorite of all!!!!

When we met him we had a great conversation about NYC and we loved that he actually seemed to care about what we were saying. He was really funny & so much hotter in person haha!

Torrey was also so a lot of fun to talk to. We love how cute her & Paul were to each other! 

Overall it was an amazing weekend and we are so lucky to have been able to take a peak into the fabulous lives of The Vampire Diaries cast!

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