Nicest Boys You'll Ever Meet!

This past Monday, we were lucky enough to go to a Hot Chelle Rae concert then meet the band after!

Amanda won a contest on P.C. Richard and Son's Facebook Page to go to HCR's FREE concert at the iHeart Radio theater in NYC.

We got there early enough to be 3rd row at the concert because we got there about an hour early and it was general admission!

Hot Chelle Rae was such a fun concert (this was a short one of about 7 songs). 

They played all of our faves from the CD Whatever like Radio, I Like it Like That, and Why Don't You Love Me.

After the concert we went to the side door where we waited for about 20 min and then the band came out to meet us!

Nash Overstreet was incredibly nice and even took 2 pictures with us because Rachel closed her eyes for one.

We were pleasantly surprised by Ian Keaggy because while he wasn't so enthusiastic during the concert, he was so nice and even more beautiful!

Ryan Follese, the main singer, was also so sweet and a great performer.

Finally, we didn't get to take a picture with Jaime Follese (Ryan's brother), but he also seemed incredibly nice!

It was an AMAZING night and we definitely recommend seeing Hot Chelle Rae in concert!

P.S. We met Joe Jonas at the same theater in August! More HERE:

Why Don't You Love Me is the best song ever! Listen HERE:

The Twin Spin
Rachel & Amanda

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